The Company

The Lavender Swan (TLS) fashion label was established in 2020 in Cape Town. It is created and directed by two formidable female designers who have encapsulated vintage and contemporary fashion styles to exude a strong sense of sophistication and elegance in the designs. TLS carries ready-to-wear timeless pieces with versatility and an effortless approach to styling women for every part of their lives. The refined prints were carefully selected to create a balance between aesthetics, art, and texture.

The colour Lavender is derived from it’s association with refinement and wealth. In our world, the wealth of a woman is seen in the way she carries herself and the many hats she wears flawlessly. A swan, on the other hand, represents self-love and inner beauty. The designers fell in love with the beauty of colourful birds and the designs exemplify the evolutionary gifts of birds’ feathers and the incredible bonds they share with nature. Their unique anatomies, profound intelligence, and huge diversity make them truly special.

Take this time to remind yourself that style is an extension of the uniqueness that is you. Self-love and investing energy in how you present yourself was never effort exerted for others; it was not an interest rooted in vanity, it is and always has been an extension of who you are. The Lavender Swan offers a collection of pieces for whatever phase of rebirth in which you may currently find yourself.

The Collection

History has been written in fabric and the world of fashion has always been and remained timeless. The Birds of Paradise Collection offers an opportunity at every phase our Swans; may be in their own transformation; renew, reconnect, reinvent, or even revisit another time.

This collection embodies the beauty of a modern-day woman with carefully selected fabric that drapes on the silhouette of a woman’s body. The Lavender Swan is mythical; however, it represents an elegant, independent, and poised woman. All garments are created from exclusive locally crafted materials with distinctive and powerful details .This collection is intended for a sophisticated woman who does not shy away from splurging to ensure that she gets the exclusive look and feel she deserves with style and grace.

Cultivating who you are is an ongoing conversation of a lifetime, and curating your closet is an extension of that conversation. Being unique is not selfish. Being creative is not a curse. Renew your wardrobe just as you have renewed yourself. Revisit and explore the energies of our ancestors through The Lavender Swan pieces inspired by the fashion of their eras.