You Are Essential

2021 is going to be full of unexpected twists and surprises. We’ve spent the past year designing vintage-inspired garments with a twist of modern features worthy of you and your wardrobe.

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Everyone has their own style. How we choose to employ different aspects of our personal flair is often connected to our mood or perhaps the tone of the arena we will be entering. The Lavender Swan provides a way to seamlessly execute a variety of looks, highlighting your natural elan and grace.

July, we meet again…

As the world changes, we change as well. As the seasons change, so must the wardrobe. Our individual identities have been going through their own stages and phases throughout all this change. Prior to March 2020, the evolution of personal identity was present but often more personally tailored to our individual bubbles. The pandemic is a milestone we all shared, still transforming us all differently.

white swan shirtdress

This cool summer dress is an instant mood booster, fuss-free and flirty. Adjusting to the new regulations means a lot of daytime get-togethers, luncheons, wine tastings, and intimate gatherings. This dress has proven to be a girl’s best friend, it is the ultimate wardrobe pick-me-up. Accentuated by voluminous sleeves, this shirt dress makes getting dressed effortless. The feminine shape and minimal design make this an absolute must-have for weekend errands and weekday commutes. Style this uncomplicated design shirt dress by keeping it casual during the day and dressing it up for the night with a clutch and strappy stiletto sandals. Add up accessories and you are ready to go. Pair it with moto boots for a feminine-meets-edgy mix.

Turaco Sub-Saharan dress

What’s your favorite fashion decade? Mine is the 40’s ad 50’s era this dress was inspired by the ’40s and I know the history that comes along with it, making it much more that can’t go out of style. If you’re like me, the minute the sun begins to shine, I’m bringing out all the lightweight, summertime styles! Time travel back to London in the ’40s. The cloche hats, fascinators, bobbed hair, and dancing to jazz and you’ll agree with me that this outfit would have fit right in. This dress features the finest texture, a rich array of colors and it’s an adaptation of the designers’ own personal styles.

Grey lourie set

Feeling sensuous or glamorous? Let’s let the legs dominate this season, in good cause fashion. Wearing a floor-length thigh-high slit skirt is something that would surely make heads turn. Frankly speaking, it’s never out of fashion in my books; it’s simply timeless! Fashionistas are doing this look full justice on the streets as well on a bright sunny day! Taking this snake print two-piece for a walk may require more courage, but it’s worth it. If you are looking to tone it down, skin-toned stockings are the way to wear the slit. Hints at skin, but it’s demure while giving an illusion of bare legs. For rooftop or penthouse occasions with a picture-perfect view of the skyline, or an opulent meal at a luxury restaurant, it is best to bring along with you a shawl or bolero. In a romantic setting warm yourself using your partner’s suit jacket, fingers crossed that it’s oversized to maintain the glamour of your outfit.

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